Hi, my Dell Inspiron 1150 just died. It was working fine, but then after I plugged cellphone via USB data Cable it shutted off. Now when I am trying to turn it on, I see the power light on, the hard drive light blinks for 2 seconds and then gets dark again, also I hear few regular computer noises and thats it. Screen is completely dark all the way, no logo or anything. I would appretiate any help or suggestions. Thanks:sad:

Some more information about your computer might help like what OS it was running CPU, memory etc.

I have the same issue. Laptop was working fine until I plugged in an external drive into the usb port. Caused the blue screen of death. Powered down laptop and when I went to power it back on, black screen, fan comes on, and nothing else happens. I removed hardrive, dvd rom, pcmia card and battery. Sme promblem. Tried just battery, same problem. Replaced memory, same promblem. Does anyone have any ideas how I can fix my laptop?

I think you might have to run a repair install as your laptops do not show anything which means you cant even go into safe mode to change settings or anything at all. So the best bet is doing a repair install which might help getting you laptops up and running again.


I m very fimilar with software. The issue is that the screen stays black. Tried hooking it up to desktop monitor....nothing. It appears to do nothing except turn the fan on and cycle hrdrive once or twice nd just sit there. No bios, no nothing. Any other suggestions?

Looks like a bad news then matey. It could be related to hardware then, Can you manage to open it up and try switching it on by taking off the components one by one and then again reversing the process. See where you hit the black screen, that particular component would be the faulty one. If you stll have warranty then get it sent back and they should replace it. It could be mobo that is fried though, so good luck,


Thanks for the input. I have tried what you said already. I was leaning towards a bad mobo but want some input. Thanks

Well if you have tried everything then that is the only thing that is left, and i m afraid that it is the mobo that is gone. But then again if you just want to be sure, maybe have it looked at by some local pc repair guys. Don't go to big pc shops on the high street they ll charge you an arm and leg just for looking into it. Local guys would be able to confirm it for sure as to what is wrong. Most likely it is the mobo thats fried, or you can have a real close look at it yourself to see if any of the capacitors look bulged out or any other abnormalities on the board itself. Even if you cant see anything abnormal it still could be non functional as there are loads of things that could have gone wrong and you can't figure out all of them with naked eye.
Sorry for being the bearer of the bad news man


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