Is it just me or do these suckers cause more trouble ... ?

I have a PCG-FXA53, four years old ... older, I know, for a laptop, but my grandmother has a Compaq from 95 that is at least operable.

Anyway, I was using the computer the other day when I got a blue screen error message. Some sort of technical error - lots of mumbo jumbo, and it was several paragraphs long. I didn't even think to write it down - figured I'd manually shut off the machine and start again in the morning.

Except when I turned it on the next day, it wouldn't boot. The power light comes on, it sounds for a second like it'll do something, but nothing. I tried popping in the system restore disc, but that doesn't trigger anything (although I can hear the CD drive whirring).

Is there anything I can do here?

I wasn't doing anything unusual when it crashed - playing online, I think, maybe playing poker too. I hadn't just downloaded anything new.


I can't really help but just thought I'd let you know exactly the same thing happened to me yesterday! If I find anything out I'll buzz you. :(

I have a friend that turned over their Vaio to my boss and I and we have the same problem... still looking for help with it!