I want to get a new graphic card for my Tulip Vision Line DT 5/120. The Memory type in the computer is Edo (Simm). I think the the graphic card type is PCI but I am not sure if the graphic card can have DDR ram or SDRAM etc, I was wondering if the graphic card has to have Edo ram since the computer's ram type is Edo. PLEESE HELP ME! :confused:

Here is some of the computers Specifications:

Tulip Vision Line dt 5/120 PCI UTP

  • Intel Pentium 120, 16 KB internal cache
  • OverDrive extension socket (237-pin ZIP, 3.3V, Intel certified)
  • 256 KB cache
  • 32 MB RAM (72-pin SIMM, extendable to 256 MB)
  • 1.44 MB 3.5" floppy drive
  • 1.2 GB E-IDE hard disk
  • PCI 32-bit integrated Dual-Channel Enhanced IDE
  • PCI 64-bit integrated True Color Graphics Accelerator, 2 MB VRAM
  • PCI 32-bit Accelerated Ethernet on-board, bus mastering, TP+BNC
  • Tulip Accelerated Ethernet Card, bus mastering, TP
  • 2 fast serial ports (16C550), 1 parallel port (ECP, 2.4 MB/s), 1 mouse port
  • 1 PCI, 1 ISA, 1 ISA/PCI slots (unused)
  • FlashROM BIOS, Plug&Play and DMI support
  • Slimline, 145W PS, one 5.25" drive bay
  • 14" monitor VGA Mono
  • Keyboard Tulip US
  • A 100 Mbit/s Ethernet card can be installed where needed (3Com Fast EtherLink 10/100 PCI).
  • Up to 3 EIDE hard disks can be added.

A good basic PCI video card with any type of memory, up to about 32 MB will work. You should be able to get a good used one for just a few bucks.
It would be absoluely absurd to spend more than $15 to get a quality used card. We give them away here at our shop... for cost of postage.
Ask a repair shop if they have any good old ones laying around, then download new drivers for it.

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