Hi List

This is my first posting.

I had the pc on, left the office and upon returning my pc was shut down. I went to start my PC, clicking on the switch, the fans come on, the lights are all on and I am not hearing any normal beeping or hard drive operation. Someone suggested to me that it would be definitely the hard drive, bought new hard drive, swapped it out this morning with NO LUCK!!

So.... is it 'dead' or could someone suggest another failure? Is it likely to be the motherboard or the processor or can't you tell unless you're up close and personal??

Thank you for listening and thank you even more for thinking of replying, if you are. I feel some better already.

Thanks. . . .

C.J. :eek:

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check and make sure all cables are connected good and any adaptors.if you have more than one stick of memory pull one and test it if nothing try the other.also this may sound stupid but is the monitor on? if yes try another monitor.also if you have a video card and you also have a onboard plug in try the onboard.

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