I got the standard CD burner that came with my pc, I just put a new hard drive with Windows XP home on it, but the burner didnt work before that either, is this a hardware problem?

You're a bit vague about the problem. Let me see if I have the information correct.

  • You have a system that came with a CD burner.
  • The burner didn't work.
  • You tried booting up the computer using a different harddrive that had Windows XP Home on it in order to see if the different OS install would be able to use the CD burner.
  • The burner still didn't work.
  • Now you think that you may have bad hardware.

Does this describe your situation?

If so, there are some questions that need to be answered in order to find out more about your system.

Does the drive read CDs but does not burn them or does it not function at all?
What software/method are you using to try to burn the CDs?
What kind of system do you have (include manufacturer name

Had someone look at it, its burnt out, thanks a lot for the response though. Just bought a new one off ebay.