Has anyone ever encounterd this before?

One of my computers will not power up. The CPU fan will "wiggle" when the power comes on but nothing else.

It seemed like it was definitely a power supply problem. NOPE! I tried a new power supply and it had the same results. I also tried the PS with all devices disconnected and had the same results.

System was working fine, began acting "funny", froze and then would not power up.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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You could try removing the CMOS battery (with the power disconnected of course) for a few minutes then replacing it. doing so will reset CMOS, and may enable the system to boot up again.

But it sounds suspiciously like a situation where the motherboard has malfunctioned, or where the processor has overheated and is no longer operable.


It is either a problem with a setting in the bios or something with your motherboard. I would go with Catweazle and reset the cmos. There should be a jumper next to the battery - just move it to the next pin and move it back. That will reset it. If that doesn't work...look for a new motherboard.


Do NOT alter motherboard jumpers without first confirming in the motherboard manual that the jumper is the correct one. CMOS reset jumpers are NOT always adjacent to the battery!


Also, swap the RAM out with known good RAM. I've had systems exhibit the exact same behaviour with el-cheapo, or failed, or both(!) RAM.

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