I was thinking of upgrading the RAM on my computer which I understood was currently 512MB. I downloaded a freeware programme - “Belarc Advisor” which does a complete scan of the computer and reports on everything which is installed. I did this to try and establish what scope there was for extra RAM. The report tells me that there is 512MB of installed memory and that there are 4 memory slots (2 banks of 2) with a maximum capacity of 4096MB. However, and this is where I get confused, it says that slot A0 has 128MB, slot A1 has 4096MB and slots A2 and A3 are empty. This would make me think that the total installed memory is 4224MB which is more than the maximum. The motherboard is MSI MS-6747. I also did a further scan using Crucial.com and it came up with the same memory configuration. Can anyone explain what memory I have and what scope there is for expansion?

Re: Confused About Memory 80 80

The most definitive way to check your RAM configuration is to open the computer's case and take a look at the RAM slots. How many are filled? What are the brand names and part numbers on the installed RAM modules?

Re: Confused About Memory 80 80

I would guess that there's a problem with the board. One way to verify this is to take your RAM stick to another computer and see if it's detected properly. Then, get a known working module and install it on your computer. See if the problem recurs. If it does, try flashing the BIOS. If after flashing the BIOS the problem recurs, get the board changed.

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