Acer 2300, when started this a.m. won't power up. Fan running, heat coming out but no sounds or anything else. Won't boot up with system disk either. Any ideas? Shut down fine last night. I removed the battery for about 5 min. replaced, held down the start button still nothing. The power light does show on in the front.:sad:

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Try disconnecting everything (HD, CD, Zip, floppy drive etc) from the MB leave the video card. You will need to use a PS2 mouse and keyboard as you cannot use USB items until you modify the BIOS and I have had problems with the USB adapters. Clear the BOIS per mfg method the unit should POST without the removed items then try to enter BIOS setup program.

If that doesn’t work I would swap a known good PSU (as noted above post) to rule out power supply problems. If this gets you somewhere you can start adding things back until your up and running.

See Catweazle's post the about dead machines

Good luck

The Fixer

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