I am new here.

Building my first machine here, could maybe use some feedback. Im starting off my build with the first question being AMD or Intel. I decided that all my life I have had intel...why not try something new. I also am mostly concerned with the speed of games, which I have always heard amd is superior for. Concerned a bit with the difference between AMD FX and the dual core X2s. Positives and negatives of each would be great! I figure this is an important step because it decides my socket type AM2 or 939. I like the idea of AM2 beind ddr2 only because it seems like it wont be outdated as quickly maybe? However, I am noticing that the only 64 fx's that support AM2 is the FX 62 which is rather costly. But now I am thinking that if I went with the X2(provided it is a sufficient model to suit my needs) I could go with the AM2 socket mobo with maybe a X2 4400. So...this leads me to my first question, X2 with AM2 or 64FX (maybe 55 or 57) with a 939 socket.

Thanks for all your replies.

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Well, if you primary concern is gaming you should go Intel as Intel just recently released the Core2 Duo and it totally wipes the floor with AMD's X2's and FX series, and eats the older P4D's and E's for lunch. That said, if you really need to go AMD then yes i would get an X2 4400 Socket AM2, because of the fact that it uses DDR2 - which if in the future you decide to go with a C2Duo (Intel) you will have the ram you need already.

Since the Core 2 Duos are new, they are expensive. If you're on a budget, stick with AMDs

Not really. E6300-6400's are fairly cheap and OC very well. I'm running an E6400 @ 3 Ghz on air totally stable and it eats my 4400X2 in my second system alive.

Ok, thanks. This is where Im at...

Amd Athlon 64X2 4600
Asus M2N32 SLI Deluxe Wireless
XFX Geforce 7950GT
Western Digi Raptor 150 GB 10K Rpm

The pentiums are tempting...but I really shouldnt spend to much $. This is where Im at, let me know what you think please. I am basing my build on upgradeability and reviews and somewhat expense.

I like it - just use a good PSU.

You could probably afford the new Pentium if you don't spend so much on that Raptor drive. But I can't fault you for wanting to keep it!

Definately make sure you get a trustworthy PSU with a good efficiency rating. Many people will often overlook the quality of their PSU in favor for a cheap or fancy looking model. Personally, I recommend Antec PSU's over anything and has proven to myself to be the most reliable I've ever bought.

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