hi frineds,:) :)
i have a sansa c240 mp3 player... last day i add some songs in this player after some time i saw "refresh database" screen on my mp3 player...... from last 4 hours it stand on refresh database srceen... if is switch off and then on it is still on "refresh database scren"

please help me:'( :'( .... thanks:S

pull out the battery and see if it still does it.

i pull out the battery and again switch on.... but problem is still coming.....

Is there a master reset slider (usually on the base?) or a reset hole (like the emergency eject hole on cd drives). if there is have a play reseting it but if not theb you may have to send it back to repair

Was there any software that came with the MP3 player if there was try installing that plugging in your player and seeing if there is a restore to factory settings option

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