I just installed a PCI-E nVidia card into my slot and it can go x16, but I get this message when I boot...

Alert! PCI Express card is operating in X1 mode, Strike F1 to continue or F2 for Setup Utility.

I have a Dell 4700.


Interestingly, I opened the case and realized the card was not fully seated. I hope this helps anyone else who has the same problem.

i had the eaxct same problem with me dell pc, i called dell to tell them and they couldnt help (LOL no suprse) and after googling my problem and seeing your solution I opened my case and adjust my card and vala, its fixed :>

I'am interesting about this froblem, because I have same proble abd same VGA card.

Could you inform me how to fixe this problem.
because it is same problem

my friend has the same problem and that's the first thing we did...
and we still have this message...???

Some Dell PC's PCI-E slot is version 1.0. New video cards are usually version
2.0 (maybe 1.1 or 1.0a ?). So they not work with 1.0 slot
at x16 speed and fall back to x1 speed automatically.

rightly said by mihalyreg, it is bottlenecking your video card performance you can get 5-10 % of performance difference nothing much.