I got a

pentium D 820+ 800fsb2mb l2 cache socket 775.

Board Asrock Conroe945G-DVI / m/asr

Ram Kingston 2 x 512 mb pc2 5300 cl5 240pin

seagate 40g drive

samsung dvdburner

only onboard graphics

only power button connected

350watt powersupply


Powersupply is starting....cpufan is starting...
No drives start up or get power?

monitor does not start up?

Help could it be the board? the ram? ( will try with one module in different slots) the powersupply?

Well if you have a Multimeter....test the power coming from the supply. If not, try putting that power supply in another PC and see if it will work there ;-)

Open the computer up and check all the connections. It would probably be a good idea to run through this checklist.

-PSU connected to motherboard in 2 places, (The main power and the other 4 pin which often has yellow and black cables that usually goes in next to the CPU) and both connections are firmly in place.
-PSU is firmly connected to CD/s drive with the standard connection.
-PSU is connected to hard disk with the standard connection

I have no multimeter :-( motherboard is connected as should to powersupply.

Disconnected drives from motherboard and they started up, so it is the motherboard blocking the power to the drives?

one ram block at a time i different sockets tried...to check if one of the ramblocks where defect.

Stille nothing....monitor does not react to computer at all?

Defect motherboard or cpu ?

Not the first time I have bad experience with asrock motherboards....think it's the board?

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