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Im trying to install drivers for my motherboard (http://usa.asus.com/prog/spec.asp?m=P4PE&langs=09) ASUS P4PE. It's about 3 years old. I downloaded a BIOS update, but the file type is .awd.
IMy PC says i dont have a program to open with it. Would anyone have any clues as to what i should do to install this driver?? :-| , :o

It's an image file for Award BIOS. Instructions Here

I wouldn't recommend updating the bios unless the new version has a fix for a problem you're experiencing. That's just my opinion.


Agreed. the BIOS update is NOT a driver!

It's an update to the system BIOS, it needs to be installed using a software tool, and if there is a problem while its being installed you can find that your PC may never work again! Danger, BEWARE!

This is the reason, actually, that most BIOS update downloads are nor self-executing files, but need a separate installer tool ;)


a bad flash is fixable, you would need to buy a new bios chip with the correct Data on it for that board !!don't know were you would buy one !!


Fixable in theory, caperjack. In reality you'd expend so much time, effort and possibly even money to locate a replacement BIOS chip and have it shipped to you that it would be a better alternative to simply replace the motherboard :)


Yeah, but a whole lot of smoke coming from the chip when it was the wrong one was intersting .and they do get really hot!:) heehee

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