Hey guys,
I recently had a problem with my computer and finally reformatted it. Everything was fine up until I started to play Final Fantasy XI, and graphic intensive game. My computer started to shut off instantly, and sometimes when doing very little such as web surfing.Here are some specs:

* Mobo = Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe
* Graphics Card = Radeon X850 Pro
* CPU = AMD Athlon 1900+ 1.46 GHz
* RAM = 769 MB
* Harddrives = (2) SATA 250 GIG
* Power Supply = Coolmax 350 W (I Think)

This is what I have tried thus far:
- Dusted Computer
- Tried different CPU/CPU FAN
- Different RAM
- Checked Power Supply Fan which seems to be running properly
- Took CPU to 133 MHz in BIOS
- Put Silver Thermal Compound on HeatSink

Now I have been trying to monitor the heating of my computer because that is what I thought the problem was. So here is what it is running right now.

CPU Fan = 2789
CPU = 50
Mobo = 32
Voltage Monitor = 12.48
= 4.945
= 3.36
= 1.696

I am at a lose here, I don't know if the other CPU I tried is going bad as well or what. I think I installed the correct drivers for the Mobo and Graphics Card. Also I can only power my computer back on once I flip the Power Supply switch off for a few seconds.

So if anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it, thanks so much for at least taking the time to read this. ^^ Take care and GOD bless!

~ Shinrao

First off i would check and see what the Max. Allowed temperature is set to on your motherboard and make sure that its not set to anything ridiculous like 50 degrees change it to about 70 if it is.

However from what you have said it sounds to me like it is your PSU causing the problem and replacing that should fix it. I would first check that your power cable going into the wall is not loose or anything like that just incase it keeps getting bumped out and that is the problem.

Good luck