Have a problem with hd audio sound drivers. installed win xp pro with sp2 on system and done all automatic updates. restarted computer made sure sound is on in bios , restarted when win restart no sound so i downloaded ati north and south bridge drivers restarted sound in win but no sound when i play music or dvd s downloaded realtec drivers and codecs error message first download microsoft bus before realtec so went online found microsoft bus drivers downloaded restarted downloaded realtec drivers still no joy same error. is there something i am missing???????


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Can you tell me specifically what your motherboard specs are? I know it may be an OEM PC and i know alot of them like HP, emachines etc... have used the ATI chipset with realtek HD audio (ACL 880-882) - it may be that your not actually using the actual HD driver from the realtek site. There are seperate downloads for regular realtek ALC 650-655-658-850) - then there is a link to the actual HD audio drivers seperately. Also look in your device manager and tell me what you see (yellow checkmark?...)

Also remember to have your speaker setting to correctly correspond to your paticular setup both in the control panel/sounds, and in the realtek configuration utility that runs in the systray.

mother board is a intel 101dggc went on the intel site downloaded drivers for audio halfway through installation error message: microsoft bus drivers must be loaded before installation completes, so i downloaded all drivers for motherboard again but still no joy. went into hardware manager and pci modem is marked with yellow icon?

Tru looking for an alternative site - i saw that Sapphire has alot of boards with that chipset. Just make sure you're installing the SB450 ati chipset driver (though maybe SB480 will work the same?) . I would try installing then in safe mode, but before i did any of that i would uninstall the sound drivers, then uninstall the ati drivers(without restaring), then boot down and boot into safe mode and install the ati chipset drivers, then the sound drivers after a reboot into regular XP mode. Past that i would try emailing Intel about it and see what they have to say.

thanks guys
It was the bus drivers there is a uaa bus driver that had to be downloaded but found it and works like a bomb.

Glad you found it and got it working, but i have set up 4 ATI express 200 motherboards (all Jetway brand) and i didn't need that driver - although all were AMD boards. If you don't mind showing me where that driver download is i would much appreciate it. You never know i might need it, or someone else.

well got them from someone else but its on the gigabyte site lost the link but the gigabyte give you all drivers for the crossfire and is much easier than microsoft and intel i just find there sites to boring and tedious.
To put it nicely full of bullshit.

Wow i didn't realize you were actually running a crossfire setup. Have fun :cheesy:

Yea A Drea

But Not For Me Its For A Customer The Last One I Built Is Running For Three Months No Problem Gigabyte Mother I Think Its The G8 Extreme , Something To That Effect With Two 10 000 Rpm Drives In Raid 0 With 2 Gig Corsair Mem 667mhz. North And South Bridge Booster Card The Only Thing Is The Guy Had A Old Processor So I Told Him To Wait For Intel To Bring Out There New Ones Then I Will Let Him Know But They Are Expensive. The Customer Has Money So He Has Ordered One Then He Wants Me To Raid Five His Drive So He Has Ordered More Drives Cost At Almost 5000 Euro At This Moment.his Sound Card Is The Creative Fx With 128 Mb Mem.graphics 7900 Gtx 512 Mb Mem.

I Am Struggling To Buy The 7950 512 Mb Mem Graphics Card Have Put It On My Wishlist Will See.

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