My cd-dvd freezes when I try to burn. It tells me there is no driver so I get one and it works for short time and then freezes again. I have to press the" start stop" button to get it to unfreeze. Its like something takes the driver. I also tried to burn through xp and successfully burnt a small file before it froze. Can someone please help

It would help if you could provide the readers with some basic specs, what software were you using, what make and model is you burner...

My computer is an Acer and I gather the cd-dvd is same

For complete system device information, download and install Everest! Its freeware!
However, I dont think we shall need it on this occasion!

What dcc means is what program are you using to write (burn) the data to disc? ie Nero, clone, etc
Also, where did you install the burning program from? (ie genuine disc, home production disc, download from a site, etc)

Your problem sounds as though it may well be a software/driver related rather than an issue with the optical drive itself.

Let us know what you can!

Good Luck :cool:

It was already installed on hard drive when I bought it. I think its called cd-dvd optirite,installed with windows.
Yes I know it is a driver but I cannot work out where it goes to. I use nero for burning. But I cannot figure out where it disappears to and why. I am new with computers, so I don't understand a lot of it yet.

OptoRite is an optical drive manufacturer that are fairly new on the market....since 2001/2002 i believe. Some say good, some say crap, who to believe?

Anyhow, one possible solution may be to uninstall the actual drive itself from device manager, and then reinstall. This will prompt windows to re-allocate the correct driver as the 'found new hardware' wizard picks it up!

This is assuming that you have already right clicked on the drive from device manager and selected 'update driver', with no success!
If you have'nt changed drivers this way, try that first.

I'm assuming your windows OS is XP service pack 2?

Providing you have a copy of your Nero program on disc, Unistall it from 'add remove programs' and then re-install a fresh copy to rule out any corruptions with your writing/burning program which may be the culprit!

Regards :cool:

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