I have a computer that i have built and upgraded and it has been a work in process for some time. About 2 weeks ago i had an issue in which my motherboard would not boot at all. I RMAd the motheboard, received a new one and am now having more troubles.

Firstly, upon reassembling the barebones of my system the Computer would start as soon as I flipped the PSU on, it did not wait for the power switch to be activated. When the system booted under these circumstances however, it was unstable and not all of my fans would run at once.
I went for a walk around my house and upon comming back inside less than 15 minutes after this problem i found that i received no response what so ever when trying to boot my computer, I cannot get it to POST and i can not even get any signs of life aside from the motherboard LED being on. PLZ PLZ post if you hae any idea as to what component may be at fault or have any idea as to what is wrong.


MOBO: Asus a8n32-sli Deluxe
PROCESSOR: Athlon 64 3700+
RAM: 2gig Mushkin dual channel

I also have 2 IDE hd and 1 SATA Raptor. However i have not even connected these because i can not even get system to POST.

Please help......... im desperate...

Sounds like you might not have the cases power switch attached to the mothboard problem. This may not be the only problem with your machine if it shut down however it would account for the powering on when the computer is plugged in and the power button now working.

i have deffinately double and triple checked the jumper configuration and made sure that my power switch is connected properly, as well as my restart switch HDD Led Power Led etc. Could this possibly be a power supply related issue or do you think it is MOBO related.....

I find the later of the two options less likely merely because i have just received a RMA mobo. ALSO i have just purchased a brand new processor. This leaves the only options as being PSU, or possibly a faulty RMA mobo.

Any ideas?

hi agsmith,

try using other RAM and check your video card also...

Hi agsmith, welcome to daniweb

This problem sounds like there maybe something more sinister going on it there. It seems as though it is possible that there maybe a wiring problem such as a short circuit somewhere either within your PSU or Motherboard.

However... let me ask!!!! What operating system are you running? If you are running vista I can say from experience that Vista does not like PSU's with rocker switches. It has a habit of turning these on. The only way out of this is to turn off the rocker switch at the back of the PSU