Hi there

I have this strange problem with my Compaq Presario 2500 Laptop.

- computer starts up (and stays on) when plugged into the AC adaptor, and the connection is anything but loose.
- the battery charging symbol shows that it's charging, and occasionally that it is directly on AC power (while it's supposedly at 0% and charging) BUT it never gets above 0% battery charge.
- the battery is absolutely drained and the computer will not start up unless the AC adaptor is in.
- the battery held charge for appx 3 hrs 2 weeks ago, before this whole thing started.
- I tried taking out and reconnecting the battery, but it was a no go and changed the charge reading from 7% to 0%...
- I tried a replacement battery and AC adaptor, but that didn't help either.

Please help!

i had a thinkpad which went (over the course of about a year) from about 4h to 1h and then one day just refused to work at all, just like your presario does.

i think your battery has just died of old age. they dont last forever (average life is 1 -3 years). buy a new battery

Thanks for your reply.
As I mentioned in my post, I have tried a new battery as well as a new AC adaptor. The problem still persists.

oh sorry didnt see that. Sounds like a bad charging circuit then (this usually means a new motherboard)

OK.. does it also mean a big repair bill? Or should I just buy a new laptop?

if neither a new battery or ac adapter fixed the problem then it quite possible means a new motherboard/psu or even a new laptop ($$$))

is it still under warranty?

even if its not under warranty, if it was an expensive laptop then getting it fixed may be worthwile but if it was a relitovely cheap laptop then probably not

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