I have ABIT motherboard,
3 GHz Hyper Threading (HT) processor,
2x256MB RAM (DDR not DDR2). (motherboard manual says 256MB-1GB is supported)
Dual (something something) memory for full potential memory - paired DIMM slots 1-3 and/or 2-4.

Everything works fine with thse two RAMs.


I've bought 2 x 1GB RAMs.


Together with those two 256MB computer doesn't work (blank screen), one time even had long beeps (one long beep, then pause, then again).

They (motherboard manual) say something about compatibility problem regarding memory.
How does it manifest? Is this that?

They say someting about reseting CMOS. Won't it clear BIOS settings? What then? How would 'it' help?


Of course - I tried with those two new ones (2x1GB) in place of those old ones (DIMM slots 1 and 3) and it works, BUT(!!) - in one program (THE one for which I need those new memories the most! irony...) - that's 3D modeling/animation porgram (Macromedia Extreme 3D) with new RAMs it can't start rendering if the scene is more complex. It says "Out of memory". How come - it works fine with four time less memory - what is its "major malfunction"??
Few programs runned after that, and then later when I tried THE one program it couldn't even start it!! It said "Insufficient memory to start the aplication" - or something like that.

What is the problem here?
It seems like memory doesn't clear and stuff. Obviously memory isn't handled like it should be.

What should I do??

It would help to know which ABIT motherboard you have and what make and model of the modules you purchased.

My first thought was that if you tried to add the new modules with the old ones and try to run in dual channel you could have some compatibility issues with the different modules. In order to run in dual channel the modules need to have the exact same specs, especially with an application as demanding as what you are doing. This would explain why the new modules would work by them selves but not with the old modules.

The user's guide for your motherboard should show the proper placement of the modules for dual channel operation or non dual channel.

If you clear the CMOS by using either the jumper or by removing the battery it will reset the BIOS to the default settings. So if you are using a USB mouse and keyboard you may have to go back and enable the USB settings for those devices.

One last thought here...how much free space do you have in you hdd?

What do I accomplish by reseting BIOS?
What happens by that?
What does it have to do with memory - in a sense of how it affects it?
Does that clear the compatibility problem? (because they suggest in the manual that it does)

Manual says that (1 and 3) and/or (2 and 4) DIMM slot pairs are for dual functioning of the memory modules.

Motherboard is that micro Guru something something (supports HT processors, Pentium 4).
New memory modules are DDR - that's what aI need (not DDR2).
Are there some issues known regarding this micro Guru motherboards and some memory brands - what should I pay attention about?

Those two new modules are exactly the same. When I was buying I brought motherboard manuals and they confirmed on memory type I need, so then I bought it. (400, 333 somthing something)

Same thing about HD memory came to my mind, but there was 1.3 GB at the moment. What does that have to do...

My primary problem here is running with those two 1GB new modules alone, not running them with the old ones (although, of course, I prefere solution to that problem too).

In the manual they specificaly say that PAIR has to be the same, not both PAIRS (all modules). (and I guess (you correct me) - I guess that the performance is in question here not functioning in itself (pairs to work faster, not to work at all - right?))

Also: with my camera I snapshoted all BIOS screens, so I know the settings.

In order to determine if you have a compatibility issue you will need to provide the make and model of your motherboard and RAM, a "micro Guru something something " tells us nothing useful.

If you only have 1.3GB of free space on your hdd that is going to be part of your problem. Your hdd needs to have a certain percentage of free space to operate, yours is way low.

Memory works fine with all the other programs.
I think we're barking up the wrong tree here...
...I guess, because Extreme 3D is old it doesn't recognize 2GB of RAM so it can't use it... Is it a known problem - what's the deal there? What is solution to that?

No information = no help.

No information = no help.

Vice versa, I, sincerely, hope.

AS8 Series
(AS8, AS8-V)
Intel Pentium 4 System Board
Socket 775

pq1 (pqI?)



(I'm not at home so I couldn't just read it and write it here. Thus... etc.)

So, I am now both interested in:
how to make computer to work with all four modules,
how to make Macromedia Extreme 3D work using new modules.


The two 256MB modules are:

DDR400 (2.5) 256MX8

So help now.

Help dcc.

I've spent quite a money for those modules, yet there they are pressing a paper so it doesn't fly off because I can't use that one program I need with those new RAMs and I never know when I'll need that program...

There comes a time when you do need to upgrade your software !! ,now might be that time .
Maybe you should check this forum for help with the ram problem with the program,just like the program its really up todate .lol

E3D is not supported for a long time by Macromedia.
Today there is no Macromedia, it's Adobe now as I undersand.

I've seen the forum on the link you've posted before.

PS: I would like any reply from 'dcc'.

My 256MB RAM pair and my 1GB RAM pair won;t work together (all four).

What is the problem here?

I assume you have the latency set as something both sets can use? Also, why on earth would you retain the 2x256 with 2GB? Thinking you are gaining something not offset by the possibility of a mismatch which will show up clearly when the used addresses reach your 512 and she piles up on you?

I would gladly get rid of and forget all about 2x256 MB modules if E3D aplication would work with 2x1GB modules...

And about using both 2x256MB and 2x1GB modules - I don;t know, so I ask - can they be made to work together without problems or not - that's all I ask...