How can I run the pc in minimal devices loaded? So that I can isolate the trouble coz the pc shuts itself off even during cold boot. I also won't be able to stay at the bios settings window the pc itself turns off during cold boot.

Video and sound adapters are integrated to the motherboard, only the modem is a pci type. Can I also run the pc without RAM and HD? Thanks!


You can only disable a device from the BIOS. Otherwise, the OS will pick up on the connected device and try to configure it, every time. Otherwise, just unplug them. As far as booting without memory, you can't. You can boot a computer without a hard drive, but you'll need some type of bootable media like a floppy or a CD.


Your system may be overheating. If this is the case, the motherboard is turning the system off in order to prevent your system from frying itself.

- Are all your fans running?
- Is the fan on your processor spinning at full speed?
- Does your case have proper ventilation (fans that intake air and exhaust it out the back)?
- Have you removed the heatsink from the CPU and reinstalled it lately? If so, did you reinstall it correct (cleaned off the old thermal compound, put a very thin layer of new thermal compound on the chip, and very carefully replaced the heatsink facing the correct direction)?
- If you open up the side of the case and point a very powerful fan into it and then start up the machine, does it run a bit longer before restarting?