Hi everyone;

I am soon to do a complete upgrade on my computer system except my monitor which is a 19" NOKIA 46XPro that I'm happy with.

My question, is it worth to switch to one of the new serial ATA HDD's now. I hear that the present transfer rates are not much faster than a parallel ATA drive, 150 Mb/sec for serial ATA and approx 133 Mb/sec for parallel. I've also been told that the SATA drives will eventually go to 300 Mb/sec, then to as high as 600 Mb/sec.

Does anyone know how this is going to evolve. What is the bottleneck now in terms of data transfer rates ? And I would assume that if i upgrade to a parallel ATA drive now that I wouldn't be able to switch to a SATA drive later on as the new motherboard wouldn't accept it.

Thanks in advance :)


>>19" NOKIA 46XPro that I'm happy with.<<

Whoops, I meant to say 446XPro :cheesy: Should first read my text first before I click " submit reply ". :o

Serial ATA drives are faster then IDE drives, and unless your running them in a Raid 0 array, you probably wont notice that much of a differance. If your looking at getting a large noticable speed increace, buy two SATA drived (80 GB or so) and throw them in a Raid 0 array. You will notice a signifincant drop in load/boot times.

As for the future, yes SATA will only get faster. Its only a matter of time before they take over SCSI transfer rates......

thanks tecfreak;

I'm not to sure what a RAID 0 array is.....advantages / disadvantages etc)) Could you elaborate :)) :?:

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