Hi all. hope someone can help. I've reformatted a freinds computer which is running Win98 as he was completely clogged with bugs an all sorts. It was never defragged for 5yrs since he had it. anyway. During the time he has had it, he had the old analoque monitor but has since changed this to LCD monitor. Since formatting his PC I made sure he had all the original manufature drivers + the drivers for his LCD. only problem is, As much as i've tried. his PC shows the correct monitor type ok but will not let me load the correct drivers from the disc. I know there are a few ways to do this which I've trid but al it does is load the original VGA drivers even if I try deleting this, it still loads the old type & updating via the web seems to make no difference. I downloaded the drivers from Sony being the monitor manufacturer but this time it asks me where I want to ether save it to or open it to so I'm basically stuck so would appreciate some help. with thanks in advance. Tony
just to say He is stuck in 16bit and cannot as before adjust to 32 bit

Well you should save it to disk, then open (what is probably a zip file) and just run through the setup as with installing.

I didn't know monitors needed drivers.
What windows version is your friend now running on? , and also what graphics card are you using?

Running Win98 But as yet I cannot tell which graphics card he is using as it's the onboard version so I need to find out

Can the onboard one actually do 32 bit?

I had an old win98 pc. It could do 1024x768 at 32 bit but only 16 bit when at 1280x1024

Yes it did do before but has since dissapeared. However though, you have just given me a thought. I wonder if I have to reload the manufacturers own display driver? the problem may lie there. Ohh well. I will give that a try. Thanks. Tony:idea: