For some unknown reason my DVD-RW drive is now invisible in My Computer, and the Device Manager tells me that the drivers are either corrupted or damaged. I have searched for about the last 30 minutes looking for the drivers I need, but I can't frickin' find 'em! lol Here are my specs:

DVD-RW Details:
_NEC DVD+RW ND-2100AD (As shown in the Device Manager)

Windows XP Professional SP1

Everything was fine all day. I go out, come back, and the frickin' thing is all messed up! So, does anyone know where to find these drivers and what might have caused the problem to begin with?

Thanks a whole load :)

P.S Is this in the right section? I'm a little dim...

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tried every suggestion. all ng. dvd not seen in computer so cannot add or remove drivers. have w7 64ult. but it does not auto load nor see dvd drive. optiarc ad7530. any other ideas would be appreciated.

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