hello all,
i'm new to the site and looking to find a little help with a hand-me-down logitech keyboard/mouse combo.
it's one of the older ones that has a wireless connection between the keyboard/mouse, and a port that connects to a USB port and the Mouse port on my computer. the problem i'm having is that when i connect the keyboard, it works fine, but then when i go to connect the mouse, it starts to work and the keyboard is dropped, and vica versa. so i can only have either the keyboard or the mouse working properly, but never both at the same time. one possible reason i thought of was that my USB port is the older, slower type, and not the high-speed enabled one. but then this logitech combo is of the same age, and therefore should work fine with the properly working, though old, USB.
if anyone could help me clear this up, i would greatly appreciate it.

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DO you have the drivers install for them?

i got fed up and wanted to try something new, so i bought the Logitech EX110, brand new out of the box same problem happens. i installed the drivers, which are notorious for causing more problems, and lo and behold the mouse completely stopped working, and only the keyboard would work. upon uninstalling the mouse would work again, but again not if i tried connecting the keyboard. could my computer have some kind of problem with accepting both at the same time? is it possible that it just can't accept wireless technology?
now this is really getting frustrating. my next option is trying a Bluetooth setup, but i'm not sure if i really want to spend the money on it.
thanks again for the help.

exactly do you have it hooked up?

i noticed it came with 1 usb and 2 ps/2 you have the unit hoked with usb right?

have you tried the ps/2?

I have a somewhat similar problem. Both the keyboard and mouse work fine and the drivers automatically install themselves when I plug in the sensor into the USB. But when I just plug the green ps/2 plug (that's the alternative that is supplied) into the green PS/2 port and reboot, then only the mouse (with its ps/2 mouse drive installed) works and the keyboard is inactive until the usb is connected again. I can't believe that the ps/2 plug is supplied just for the mouse and not for both the mouse and the keyboard. I need to free up the usb port (there are only 2 usb 1.0 ports on this old computer) to plug in other devices.

Does anyone know what the hitch is?

I would appreciate some help.

Just check out for the drivers you have installed and if you have installed they are updated and compatible to that particular type of mouse and keyboard.

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