Hi guys. Just wondering if anyone could help me troubleshoot. I just recently got done cleaning up some nasty spyware stuff. Now when using my computer I get almost no processor(?) noise. I don;t know if it's processor noise or not, but you know that crunching you get when it's thinking really hard... At first I thought that it was good meaning all the spyware was gone... But if my computer sits for anytime at all this is what happens: Nothing. Basically you can see the desktop, but you can't open anything. You can't bring up the task manager. You can click on the start menu, but if you click run and type in anything the box just goes away and loads up nothing. You can't shut down or log of. It's like mindless clicking! The computer has to be cold booted to resolve this and it can be used for a bit otherwise it goes like that again. Any ideas what this is or how to resolve it? The last thing I did was run a program called ComboFix to combat the spyware. Apparently I had PurityScan/ Vundo.

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There are a couple of things that you can do to trouble shoot this, but the first thing to do if you still can is to back up your important files. One thing that you can do is to go to my computer, right click on your hdd , go to properties, go to tools, click on check now. Your hdd has several extra sectors, so if you have a couple your hdd may still be good, you may have to reinstall your OS throug. The other thing to do would be to go to the manufacturer's site and download their diagnostic tool. You will need to copy this to a CD and boot from it to test your hdd.

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