Hi, New here today, prob is my PC was running fine then it started shutting down on its own then eventually it would do this like 5 minutes into running, if I used no programs it would run ok but if I opened any program after a few minutes it would freeze so as if I had no keyboard or mouse then now and then just power off. Right, I reformatted the PC and thought all was well for like 10 minutes and again same prob. It is now at the state where I switch on, the fans spin but the HD just goes grind, grind now and then like searching for something, normal start up the fan or HD sounds loud, now nothing like that. I disconnected all right down to just CPU fan keyboard monitor etc but still nothing just the fans spinning and that is all, I took the battery out for a while and put it back and same thing. Please help me my PC is all I got and now its dead. I am using a friends PC to post this so if you reply I may not answer immediately may be a few hours, thanks in advance

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sorry, as I said new to this. The PC is a PackardBell 352 Pentium 4 3.2 chip Power 250 watts motherboard PTM661FX-AA.......it worked fine for just over a year (just past the warranty now all this, it took a few days to go to totally nothingness except keyboard flashes lights on start and the fans go and the HD makes noises

do you have access to another puter, if so pull your hd out and slave in the other one. If you can access it do a backup of the data on it so as not to lose that. Do you know if you have a partition on that hd. ?
Let's back up a minute, can you get it up in safe mode? If you can, access the hd anddo a backup of your data. If you have the disc that the programs for that HP, then use them to do a repair on the os. If you didn't get any disc with the puter when you brought it call HP support @ 1-800-474-6836 and ask for the disc, they are less than 30$us ahd they will get them to you in about 48 hrs. You will need model #, serial # and system #.Of course they will try to sell you a new machine instead. If you can't access your hd then more than likely your hd has crashed and burned, and you will then have to call HP for those disc. Good luck, and let us know how things go.

right, I connected it to this as a slave as suggested, there is nothing on the drive at all although I had reformatted it and it started a few times with windows XP. Now making the settings as show all files I see that on that HD is following folders....miniNT Preload Recovery then files Autorun nldr WIN51 WIN51IP WIN51IP.SP1 WIN51IP.SP2 WinPE and an application ile ntdetect..........my PC came without the disks but the set up on the HD

I would of expected to see a file structure when I explore the HD as I do on an older Drive from another PC showing windows and files etc but all I got on this one is what it seems to me is the boot up disks on the HD and all those are hidden files and as it stands I cant even get as far as going to BIOS on the other PC just as I said in the beginning, fans on and this HD sounds as if looking for someting, the lights going on on the CDRom drive repeatedly, its like it is looking for something that cannot be found so repeating over and over

hi terrak,

if you can access the BIOS set up try to Load All Default Settings in the BIOS then press save and exit.. or if it doesn't work try to use another Cpu Fan it could be fan problem also once the Fan is not working properly it will cause the processor to overheat and will shutdown your computer.. hope this helps..

I cant even get to the BIOS stage and the fan is working

so u mean upon turning on there's no display at all? then the worst thing is maybe u'r motherboard is dead already...or you can try to use another memory card..check if it works..

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