i have done a search of my local hardwear shops for a pci g card and to no avail all say is that pci-e and when i say no just pci they tell me ill be lucky to find one.
i am after a 256 mb card thats all is tha to much to ask for im going bauld after pulling my hair out tring to figure out if i could hardwire my geforce agp into that silly little pci slot maybe if i use some grease and a hammer i could get it to fit.
lol sorry just ranting now.
if anyone could point me in the dir of a uk based shop that still have old pci graphics cards 256mb or better please please could u help

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hi--try tigerdirect.com US based company I think, but I found plenty of PCI cards with up to 256 mb and DVI output, which was exactly what I was looking for. Good luck!

Try microdirect they do normal pci g cards and they sell new physics cards that are pci based. The new physics cards are supposed to be the new technology but how can it when its on a old pci interface.

Hope this helps

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