Hi Guys, I've had my pc (a phillips LS 1500) for over a year now (brought it from pc world) and its been causing me nothing but problems over the last year. I've twice had to get the motherboard replaced under warrenty becuase it kept failing and another time i had to get the graphic card replaced becuase it failed. However my warrenty has been up for a few months now and my computer refuses to boot (after working fine for ages) and was wondering if you guys could help me identy the problem before i take it to get fixed (or if it would be easy to get a new computer altogether rather than risk further problems in the future)

ok here's what happens when i push the power button the fan turns on at full power and also the lcd screen on the front of the case turns on thats where it stops... the power button stops working, the cd drive won't open, and the screen remains blank. reading previous posts at first i thought it was a power supply problem but i try replacing this and it made no different so am now thinking its a motherboard problem.

even tried cleaning the memory and stuff like that so does anyone have any ideas which i could try before i take it into the shop for repair


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The cd SHOULD open regardless of any mobo prob. unless it's power is derived from the mobo itself. There may be controller issues but it's doubtful.
No beeps means you're not getting to the BIOS. Seems your mobo has given up.

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