I have a computer that is making 3 second beeping sounds in a continous loop when I start the computer up for the SECOND time after a restart.

I have looked up the beep sounds on the internet at a bios website and my particular beeps are not on the "offical chart" of beeps but a few users have posted on the site with the same 3 second beeps. It appears they said to be "CPU related."

This makes sense. I have tested the RAM,G-card, HD, NC, and sound card and they all work fine. In fact all of these "guts" are in my second computer right now. except the memory wich is a different speed. That turned out fine also.

So I have narrowed it down to either the CPU or motherboard itself. Peeps at the bios site said that the CPU might be the culprit.

I looked at the CPU and it looks fine to me. I want to reuse the motherboard and replace the CPU with a better one. But that would require flashing the bios wich I dont know how to do.

How can I flash the MOBO if i cant start the comp up?

So far all of the places I have tried for help have failed. Everyone it seems wants my money for hardly any work. I'm trying to save money here not waste it.

Of course in a perfect world I would just buy all new stuff, 64 bit processors and double giga bit graphic cards and stuff, chromey cases with laser light shows inside.

But im poor... so I cant....

any suggestions? :?:

Asus a7m8?
athlon 1ghz
396mb pc2100 DDR RAM

Im thinking CPU fan ........when I worked for CPR a computer repair store, a majority of the repairs were bad CPU fans. Check to see if that moves at all when you start it. Otherwise It could be the RAM....that would be my second guess.

I took the ram out and it still beeped. The fan spins.

OK this happend to me a while back..........I had a freeBSD box uptime 47 days untill my friend called me asking if I had some spare RAM. Well after I told him to go in my house and take out a stick and not to restart the comp. He restarts the comp, then calls me on my cell and tells me my motherboard is beeping. Well when I get home I turn it on I here 6 beebs, I automatically know whats happend. I go to the motherboards manf website. and look up what the beeps stand for mine stood for BAD MEMORY MODULE. The kid fried the board taking out the RAM by not grounding himself. But this can also mean that the board had failed. That was my MOBO beeping exp.