Ok so i have a 3DFuzion GeForce MX4000 128mb pci video card. I put it in and make sure its seated and i turn my computer back on and it doesnt regonize the video card when i try and install the drivers and im still using my onboard video then i turn off my on board video card and try to plug it in and see if its plug and play then. Then that doesnt work and it still doesnt work ive tryed to add the pci card and it doesnt show, its as if the card isnt there can someone help me?

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You will need to disable the on-board graphic card in your BIOS. Only then can your motherboard detect new graphic card.

I can't view my bios thats the problem. Dell is all weired like that so they messed with the boot menu.

Dell... typical.

If you can find out which motherboard you have on your hands (and you won't get that from Dell's support) you might find BIOS to flash, but that should be your LAST resort. That would transform your Dell PC to regular PC.

My advice is to give Dell some hard time and pull their sleeve to help you on this.

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