My computer has this odd problem of turning off halways. What i mean is that i could be doing anything (gaming, programming, webbrowsing, running a adaware scan, etc) and it well shut off. The moniter gives me the power saving nbow activated message and it goes into power saving mode. But the computer itself still has power. The keybaord has power as well but its lights begin to flash on and off. Same thing happens to the laser mouse. I've replaced the powersupply with a newer one but it still continues. My computer whiz of a brother said it might be the motherboard. I would just like some insight on what the problem is before i do any major changes.

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bad drivers or overheating CPU/RAM/Graphics Card is what id usually say but the flashing lights indocate a bad mobo. Are there any leaking capacitators in it?


Well after the computer running for 4 hours with a game running and webbrowsing and whatever, everything seems fairly cool and running at an average temp. The capacitors on the motherbaord seem fine... same with them on everything else. Could it be a faulty video card?


Have you checked the power saving and standby options in both your operating system and the BIOS?

I agree with jbennett on a faulty motherboard but I would also look at the possibility of the graphics card gone bad.

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