I am building two 3d/CAD machines.
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 ghz
Intel D955XBK MOBO with Crossfire
Seagate 500gb SATA 14 mb
Maxtor 40 gb hd
550w dual fan power supply
Kingston KVR667D2N5 1 gb x8
Masscool CPU fan with copper pipes
Samsung Litescribe DVD_RW
nVidia GeForce 6600LE 512 mb

I have 1 stick of ram plugged in, the 20 pin power cord, the 2+2 powercord that goes with the 20 pin, and a seperate 2+2 cord that plugs in next to the processor. I also have the CPU and GPU in the MoBO. BUT...No post. The fans all work, the mobo is OUT OF THE CASE on an anti-static surface. Also, when i take out the ram or take off the GPU, i get no beeps. The board has a built in speaker on the board. But i get nothing. Even if i take out the memory. I got the boards from www.geeks.com and it seems like there is No BIOS whatsoever. Almost like i either have to burn bios onto the board, or its a bad board. The thing is, this would be boards 3 and 4 of this specific intel type that hasent worked for me. Any ideas as to the location of the problem? Thanks in advance.


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i have the same exact problem except i am using a 940 Pentium d processor. when i hit power all i get is a fans running and i know the hard drives are spinning, but i don't get any display from the video card, its like it doesn't know its there, granted yes it is a very old video card, does that make a difference is fits onto the board? Did you find a fix, if so what was it?
Thanks in advance!


o yeah i was looking at supported possessors to check myself and i don't believe that your processor is supported.


I was told by imfamous geeks.com that it was supported.. I questioned it myself, but unfortunatlly i trusted them. Even if the CPU wasent supported, i should get some sort of warning beeps... I thought that it could have been a board where you have to flash BIOS yourself..IE Builder board... I purchased two Asus 60 dollar boards and they work great. the PCs are up and running, looking real nice in their translucent cases

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