trying to build a second pc up just to use as teamspeak server but having big problems with the hard drive or something in the system.

System is :-
AMD athlon 2000xp+
256mb ddr ram (but also used a 1gb stick to test)
52x cd rom
(cant remember wot mainboard but new and seen working in store on test system)
floppy drive
and tried 2 diffrent hdd's (maxtar 40gb and exelstore 40gb
tried onbord graphics and a 128mb ati 9500xt card
on board sound

Ok now for the problem:-
system is set up and post's fine but when installing windows loads the drivers and gets ready to install windows then reboots then dose all agin and rebbots at the same place windows cd workd fime as used in 1st pc the other day.

Wot ive tryed so far:-
reset CMOS /
formatted hdd /
stripped to bare system /
replaced items to rule them out / (memory, cd drive, cpu(new), board(new), video card)

im at the end of everything now and cant get the dame thing to work at all has any one got an idea for me to try some one told me to try a low level format of one of the hard drives and try that but im not sure so for i would ask the wprld to help me.:)

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I had the exact same thing happen to me.
It loads drivers into the memory but when it goes to install it on the HD it reboots.
Mine was a bad hard drive. I put in a different one and it worked fine.


yea.. I was about to ask if you tracked the problem solely to the hd. Are your hd sata? I would check to make sure the hd are connected properly.. try a hd that you know to be working


have had both hard drives ive tested work fina a ps2 and my main pc with no problems

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