Hey there, I just reinstalled Windows xp home and got everything working except my sound. I was wondering if anyone can help me. My sound card is built into the mother board. It is c-media ac97 audio device. When I go to check it in control panel --> System it has a yellow "!" beside it. I tried uninstalling it and then reinstalling it but still nothing. And I don't know which driver I need and where to get it if I have to get one. And for some reason Windows update is being weird to me I can't see the optional software I can get to see if the driver is in there. Help Please! Thanks

hi there, what motherboard is it (Manufacturer, Model).
Do you have front panel audio connected (correctly), if not are the jumpers connected on the motherboard, normaly 2 jumpers are used to connect 4 pins if front panel audio is not connected

Ummm where would I find what kind of mother board I have? And I think its connected properly because I never touched anything inside before it stopped working...

Ok, so the sound was working before it wll be drivers if you havent touched the inside.
Drivers availible from www.driverguide.com

To find the model of the motherboard you either check the model of PC, ie (Dell e550) or open the PC and look for the model number on the motherboard itself, ie (ASRock P4VMB)

I can upload some drivers if you would like but use at own risk!

Yay thank you very much. I found the driver I needed at the link you put.

Glad to be of help, Enjoy your Weekend

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