So, I have this motherboard it's an AN8 Ultra by ABIT. The chipset is nVidia nForce4 ultra. My PCIe card that I use is a ATI Radeon VisionTek x1600 series. I have 4GB ram DDR 400. I have an AMD Athlon 64 x2 4800+ processor 2.4 Ghz clock and I believe 2x1 MB L2 cache. I have a really decent Zalman CPU fan/heatsink. I have a 500GB SATAII drive, a 250GB SATA drive, and a 160GB regular IDE drive. Now I know I have the right stuff when it comes to playing games, but I'm getting really frustrated because I was playing RollerCoaster Tycoon III and when I first installed it there was no problem. I played for a long time and had no issues. Same with DOOM3, and Supreme Commander. Now outta the blue those 3D games were freezing up on me. Randomly. Either right at the beginning of the game or 5 mins into it or 10 mins into it. I've checked drivers, I have uninstalled re-installed and even corrupted some windows files in the process. That caused me to install XP on a whole new HD so I wouldn't have to go digging for my stuff. So I know the software if good. This MUST be a hardware conflict. Do I have any takers?

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have you tried another x1600 to see if its your video card? did you try doing a system restore to see if it was something software based that has changed? you could possible see if your psu or ram is faulty. i dont think anything else would cause that.


I did a fresh installation on a brand new hard drive of winXP pro. I also tried another ATI card, but it was a 1350 series. It did the same thing. So I've ruled out the software and the hardware portion or atleast the graphics card. So now im gonna check the ram. My power supply is a 430watt. I'm praying that it's not the processor. I know one thing. My ATI cards worked on my old motherboard with an ATI chipset vs. this nVidia chipset. They worked for a little bit, but I don't know what would cause this. I'll check the ram...

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