what happens is i turn it on and it starts starting then the yellow light below the power button stays on and the power light goes off. the screen goes blank and the moniter goes into stand by mode.

this happens instantly or after few minutes. when i start it i get this screen telling me to press F1 to set up stuff or press F2 to continue so i press F2 and then a screen tells me that the computer failed to start up and stuff and ask me to make a choice of a couple of safe mode start ups , start up with last known good configuration or normal start up. i choose last known good cofiguration. then it goes to start then just stops. i am clueless.
it started happening after my friend attempted to put it in stand by mode and it wouldnt and thats the last time i saw my desktop.

somebody please help me figure out how to get back my computer the stuff on it is one of my reasons to continue living. i would be so gratful to get some help.

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have you tried booting it in safe mode?, just to make sure that works, if not come back to us and we'll help you some more.

yeah i tried that but then it shuts down still. i dont know whats up

Take it to your local PC store and ask them for help! This sort of problem requires the hands on approach.
Also did you knowingly have a virus on the machine? problems may lie there. Also check inside the machine that all of the power cables are properly connect in ~ loose connectors = shut down.

I have actually experienced the same problem loading XP onto an NEC that has XP on it orginally. The problem was resolved only when I did a checkdisk, then re-formatted, then re-loaded XP. Seems to be some issue with power settings on the motherboard. Nobody knows the answer but everybody knows the problem.

thank you guys for your help. i had hoped there was a salution that didnt require that but i guese there isnt. i guese its time to take it in for a check up thank youvery much

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