i have done some searching on here and have sein some problems close to mine but none that will help me, i have a maxtor 160 hd that iam tryin to repair for a friend, i have it slaved in my pc, i can see it in disk management, i can also see it in my bios as drive 1, i can even run file revoery programs and it is able to go threw it, but in disk managemnt i cant click on none of the options but deleat and it also does not apper in my computer, another thing is it will not show a volume letter in disk management. i have replaced the pcb board being that it used to not even spin up, i have also ran a sector repairing program. anyone have any ideas on how i can get it to show a volume letter? are how i can get it to show in my compter

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i should have added some more info, the 160 is a maxtor diamond plus 9. my mian hd is just a small 30 gig, iam wondering if maybe my pc is not capable of handling a hd the size of 160, when i firts boot up i get a message sayin hard disk 1on primary eide is runing out side of normal specifacations

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