started w/ the amber light blinking and would not power up just the amber light blinked

then undid all the cords and held the power buttons in to reduce residual power waited about 30 minutes and then the dagone thing came on BUT no video to the moniter :eek:

ok so the Dell site says undo all cords and hold the power buttons on both was getting ready to do this and NOW the
cpu power lights will not come on AT ALL? :confused:
have not gone inside the box yet....

I have done a lot of searching and boy did I see a whole lot of similar problems w/ Dell's on other sites and a lot of angry Dell owners. This site looked like the BEST to try and get some help. :!:

does this sound like hardware or a virus?

if it is a virus how can you fix a no start problem??

Sounds like a bad motherboard. That's usually what a flashing amber light on the power button indicates with those systems.

Viruses are not able to do their job until the machine is powered on! That is not your problem. I have just repaired a Dell Dimension 2400 that had the blinking amber light. I replaced the power supply and it is up and running.