I plug the power cord into the computer, and the power buttons light up, i press it, and nothing... not the slightest sound. On the inside, there is one LED light that lights up, and other than that there is no sign of life. The computer doesnt do anything. No beeps, no sound no nothing, just the power light and the LED light in the computer, its a dell. What do I do to get this thing to atleast boot? please help me, I got told if i fix it i can have it... an id like to fix it if i could
the powersupply uses a foxconn ribon, the computer is an dell optiplex 260... if that helps.... theres is a foxconn ribon connecting the motherboard to a chip that has a headphone jack, two usb ports, then from that chip there is another foxconn ribon that connect to the the chip that contains the 2 LED lights, and the power button

if someone was working on the computer before you had it ,it's possible they might of shocked the system. or even a minor power surge. some systems are a little forgiving. if this is to be true you can try resetting the cmos. this is a 50/50 shot in the dark. good luck.

Check the ATX power connector on your motherboard ( unplug and plug it ).

Also check the small cables in the lower right side of the mobo ( below the southbridge and next to the PCI slots). Normally those cables should be the ones that operate the powerbutton and resetbutton. Make sure that they're not loose and that they're installed right.

Have you installed new parts recently ? Or did it just die all of the sudden?
It could be a dead motherboard....