I have an eMachine T1840, running Windows XP Home, that appears to be dead. When powering on all three keyboard lights and all tower LED's flash on and off quickly.
I have tried replacing the poweer supply and the machine still behaves the same.
My biggest problem is that I have lots of files on the hard drive that I need to get off.
I have tried to boot the hard drive in another older machine with no success.
I do not have another Windows XP machine to use, all my other machines are Windows 2000 Pro.
I have tried hooking up the hard drive to one of my other machines as a slave drive but get the 'Access Denied' message when trying to access the files that I want to get off.
Any help with either getting the original machine going again, or gaining access to the files that I need would be really appreciated.
I do have the rescue disks supplied with the machine but guess that these will not be much use unless I can get the drive to boot on another machine.