Hey guys, I'm new here and after seeing how helpful the community is I thought I'd give it a shot. Heres the specs

ECS PT890T-A board w/ E6420
Ultra 500 watt X-Connect PSU
Ultra 1gb dual channel (shipping)
60gb WD UDMA
200gb Seagate Barracuda UDMA
evga 7600 gs 256mb pci-e
Thermaltake cooling fan w/ arctic silver

So the problem is that everything runs and has power but my screen stays blank. I tried to go sans ram and still no post. I tried resetting the CMOS and reseating the bios battery. Nothing works. I really hope that theres nothing wrong with my new system cause i just bought it yesterday -_-... Any help appreciated, thanks!

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OK I've narrowed it down to maybe a few problems. I think it could be the psu. Its 20 pin and the mobo "requires" a 24 pin. I've read elsewhere that most new mobos dont really need the extra four pins and work fine if the psu has enough juice. JW if 500 watts is good enough. Another thing, ram maybe? It should be able to post without it right? Right now it just stays on a blank screen and since theres no onboard speaker i dont even know if its beeping. I've tried going barebones with just psu, video, and monitor. Still wont post. Im outta ideas here guys, any help appreciated. Also, Ive tried resetting the cmos numerous times and it still doesnt work. The only thing I havent checked is the cpu but thats cuz the fan is such a %^%$% to take off! Any help aprreciated!


First of all there is a square four pin connector that is located just above and to the left of the CPU, you can see it here, this connector is also from the PSU, it is a P4 connector and powers the CPU,is this connected.

Some motherboards will not be stable without the 24 pin type PSU.


Haha yeah, dont worry I knew about the 4 pin one. But yeah... I'm trying to find a spare 24 pin psu right now. Thanks!

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