My husband and I were cleaning our computer husband took off the CPU fan to clean out the dust and when he reconnected it to the motherboard I believe he may have cracked or injured the motherboard in some way. When I turn the computer on the fans run and the cd-rom drive will eject but there is nothing on the monitor and I hear no other sounds.
I need some help/guidance in purchasing a new motherboard. I am not sure of the brand of the existing MOBO the word SOYO SY-P4VSA is written as well as VIA P4X266-8233. I run XP, have a Pentium 4 (478 Socket), GeForce 7600GS (AGP) video card. I'm not sure what other info you would need to guide me. Basically I'm hoping someone could recommend a MOBO to me or help me understand what parameters I need to be looking at. Any help is appreciated.


You must first try to fix the problem before replacing your motherboard. Be sure to turn off and unplug your computer and ground yourself by touching on to an unpainted metal case.

Does your computer boot into bios? If not, try to reseat your memory sticks in the dimm slot and your video card into AGP slot. Start your computer.

Still doesn't work, leave your cmos battery on the motherboard out for 1 hr or more and put it back again to its battery holder. Try starting your computer.

This link is your motherboard specifications. You can click "Where to Buy" if you want to know the availability of your board.

Or try this also.

Or you can use any brand that can support Pentium 4 socket 478 (preferably without onboard video).

When I try and boot up I see nothing on the screen, no beeps just the sound of the fans running. I reseated the memory and the video card and also took out the cmos battery...still nothing.
I took out the CPU fan and heat sink again and found that a couple prongs are bent, could this be causing the problem?

Where did you find the bent prongs? It might be the pins of the processor that were bent or damaged and its socket on the motherboard might also be damaged. It's the one that's causing the problem. Hoping the bent pins do not affect or damage the processor socket on the motherboard.

If you have a spare processor with the same type, you can try to use it to test your computer. It is very difficult and delicate to straighten the bent pins but give it a try.

We cannot test the effectiveness of a motherboard without a known good processor installed.

actually the socket 478 motherboard still available in the market it is not difficult to find a new one. Before perchance a new board u must confirm u the processor is works fist.