Vista Vista !!! I don’t know how many people are facing problems during upgrading there system with Vista. But I should not have upgraded my system with that. I’ve had my karma about 6 months, initially I had a few problems with it freezing etc but nothing major. Then last week it crashed and then froze on the rebuilding database screen when I turned it back on. I’ve finally got it on now but everything is gone. The thing is that it still says that there’s 12gb being used when I go to 'about rio karma'. Does anyone know of any way to salvage the music on there because following the recent death of my hard drive, all my music was on the rio (I never got around to putting it back on the pc). I’ve tried rio taxi and riorad explorer, both to no avail. If anyone has any ideas id really appreciate it, since there was some really rare tracks on there.

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why not just connect the HD to another machine and pull the files out? Vista looks like too raw a-system still, if you're into music XP-MCE is for you


The problem is that the file allocation table (of sorts) is corrupted. Things like this can happen to any hard drive device, so to fix it, you must treat the karma as an external hard drive and proceed from there.

Connect the karma to your pc with the usb cable so that windows will recognize it as a device (assigning it a drive letter) and you can access it through my computer.

If you can't access it through my computer, then use [[start>settings>control panel>administrative tools>computer management]]. Use the disk management tool to find the karma and give it a drive letter.

Then you should run data recovery software on that drive. The software will ignore the file allocation table and read through your hard drive sector by sector to determine what is actually on the disk. One data recovery software that I am using is by a SalvageData Labs. Yes, you have to purchase salvage software (or acquire it by some means), But it’s a nice software I am sure you get your data back.

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