ok...I'm wanting to upgrade the soundcard in my pc and have seen most people recommending the creative x-fi xtremegamer or the x-fi fatali1ty. The difference in price between the cards is about $60, but is there really a difference between the cards? I can't find a real good comparison between the cards so if anyone could help me out on this it would be greatly appreciated.

ps.. ..if you have another soundcard you recommend please tell, i have a good set of speakers (z-5500) and I play games alot and listen to some music.....

just buy the cheaper one. Speakers will make more a difference than soundcards

the difference will be in the processing and frequency range.

i agree with theNNS about speakers

if you think you will be able to tell and you must have the best sound then go for the more expensive one.

that is only if you really must have the best sound and you have fantastic hearing.

otherwise the cheaper is still a very good card and will give you brilliant sound range over standard on board sound or even previous soundblaster cards.

it would be better to have the gamer card and spend some money on new speakers if you have basic ones.

having said that the creative xf-i music card is just as good and can be found to be a bit cheaper on some websites than the gamer version.

hope that helps