So Heres my story...
My System shuts off either while im running things for a while(if they require little ram) and it is very predictable.
Common things I try to do that kill it are...
Play Half-life, Doom 3, Quake 4, Farcry, and S.T.A.L.K.E.R
These as you know use alot of processes...
it also shuts off after about 20-30 mins of photoshop
and movies..
To Get it out there now, I can assure It is not a memory issue, my Memory Is Brand New, It a Single Stick Of CRUCIAL 1GB DDR

Here Are MY Specs

Mobo:: ASUS P5GD1-VM
Video Card:: Nvidia GeForce 6200 (256mb PCI)
Processor:: Intel-Pentium4HT 3.0GHz socket775
Storage:: Western Digital-160GB sata HDD
Seagate- 60gb ATA HDD
Media:: Lit-on Dvd-RW drive

anymore specs, Just PM me.
Im very computer savvy, but this ones really got me :-/

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Okay, Heres An Update...
I am writing this from my laptop, and i have been from the first post. It now restarting ever 10-15 minutes, and i'm not on it. Nor do i touch anything...
I am in the oppoisite part of the Room.
Nothing is in contact.
Any Suggestions to previous post and current?

By the way, there problems happen even after Full Format and install

I have had the same type of problem once before. For me, it was an issue with over heating. Make sure your heat sink is sitting on your processor well. Also, make sure that all your fans are working correctly. Try cleaning out your computer as well. Ping me back if none of these work.

Okay, So I found Out over heating is most likely the cause... Please look at the Photo to see how bad it was
Right here
It was pretty horific to see that
I'm still looking into my Video Card and Ram and Processor to make sure everything survived...

I cleaned it, checked everything, and made sure it was all fine.<br><br><br> all Ram, and Cards are Seated well... and My CPU and fan are in Fine.<br> But Now, When I power on. I don't Always Get the POST. and It will just turn off after 3 seconds. Sometimes It will get to the windows boot screen, and shut off then...
I Put some new thermal Paste on, becuase the old was burnt from overheating... Maybe thats is the problem?...
Please help, I'm desperate. :(

Reseat your memory stick several times into its slot. To make it sure test it into another computer.

What is the wattage of your power supply? Your system needs a minimum of 400 watts power supply. If you have a spare power supply, try using it.

Replace your video card with your onboard video.

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