OK - I have read a lot of threads - however - I have spent hours troubleshooting this - and I have it down to this - my SATA hard drive is causing my power supply to shutdown after about 4 - 5 seconds of booting up. My original power supply was a Antec 650 - and the machine ran for 2 months - the other day - bam - it powered off - so I tried several different things - finally got another power supply a Shark 585 - hooked everything up - and powers up for 5 seconds then shuts down - started hooking things up one thing at a time - finally got the power to stay on by leaving the SATA hard drive unplugged. I don't have that much stuff in the system - a PCIE video card - and hard dirve - no extra drives - nothing - I inspected the board on the hard drive - I don't see any fried components - this drive is only 2 months old - and it's a Maxtor - is my brand new SATA hard drive really fried??? Does anyone have knowledge of this happening before. Thanks in advance!!!

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ok - so it was the power supply didn't have enough umph - amazing - i really didn't think the difference from 585 to 650 would matter - but it did - just goes to show how much juice these new video cards pull - i am back to using my old power supply - and really the only thing that has changed is that i don't have the DVD drive hooked up and tore it all down and put it all back together - maybe loose connection - who knows - keep everyone posted - but from what i can tell if your system shuts down 4 - 5 seconds into a boot up - it's the power supply isn't strong enough!!!

well - back to where i started - it booted up ran for maybe 5 mins - then shutdown without warning - not sure what the heck is going on here - any advice???

Check CPU HSF. Could be an overheating problem.

To determine whether HDD actually has a problem, install it in another PC and see what happens. Usually when a drive causes failure to even POST, it's a short and does not come and go.

if the sata drive takes both the sata and the ide power connectors NEVER EVER EVER have both in at the same time ok

first of all, do what jbennet said. second of all, you may have an overheating problem

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