Hi...hoping that this is the correct post.

Older version Win xp pro.

Short story. Not long ago I clicked an 'okay' instead of a 'no' and completely screwed up my laptop. I had to format and, of course, when I went to get my recovery disk it wasn't anywhere to be found. (no backup...duh me!!) What resulted is a laptop that has everything downloaded manually. It seeeems to be working fine except for....
When I go turn it off via 'start/turn off computer/turn off' it goes through all of the motions but after the screen turns black the on/off button is still glowing blow. (power on) I'm fairly certain that somewhere in admin tools there must but something that I can change...I just don't know what. I don't like having to force shutdown every time.

Any thoughts would be appreciated


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Try this, in the power option (control panel) and in one of the tabs there is an option called "turn APM (advanced power management) on", check it. I think this will solve the problem. I would like to give you further details but my laptop is at home but I faced similar problem in the past and solve it like this.

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