Well. For some reason. When i was making a computer design, my Photoshop started to lag very bad. SO i clicked the X and the end now thing popped up. As usual, I clicked end now. Afterwards, everything on my comp started lagging, like msn and aim. I had to click end now for it. ANd it starts to dissapear from my comp.But the programs were still on the program bar thing (the start bar). Afterwards it lagged to much so i clicked restart button on my cpu. Then when I restarted and everything started to load so slow. THe msn, aim, mccaffe wouldnt load. So i tried to log on to the other users on my comp. When i opened my other user, everything loaded fine. But when i shutted down i tried to go back into my account but it was still the same. Another thing. My cd-rom started to load cds very very slow. It use to take like 3 seconds to load my Starcraft CD. But now, when i tired, it took about 11 minutes to load. ALso, the icon use to be red but it turned black on my computer. Also my other game America's Army, the logo was also black when i looked at it in the c drive. And the game wouldnt work either. This is making me very frustrated. Does anyone know how to fix this problem. All help would be greatly apreciated. Thanks in advance.

OS: Windows XP

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What are you using for anti virus...spyware, adware etc...
Check to see what is using up your cpu time...

Is this pc on broadband internet?


I have mccafee anti virus. I believe i have spyware blaster and lavasoft ad-aware on at all times. And also i am using high speed internet, which is broadband.

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