Hello and hope you can help me.

Last night my mom's computer she uses for an online store.

It is a Gateway 500 HSN. I guess last night it was overheating like mad and smoke came out some and smelt burnt.

So today I went and dusted it out cause the dust was causing heat, and reconnected all, and bam. The power light turned green and stayed on, but the cpu fan no cpu would start up, and the power light stay green, along with some other little lights in the computer.

What the hell did she do to it?

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There any way to test different components like CPU,PS,HDs?

Would the hard drives still work?


I tested the drives both work, files have integrity.

How can I test PS supply, there is something called test switch on it what it do?

How can I tell if it was CPU, im thinking both since all fans dont work.

And what does the green light on mobo mean by the PS supply connection to mobo lit mean?

Also the power button stays green, even system doesnt boot up.

I removed BIOS battery just to try it?


Green light means its getting some power

Check that your motherboard has no leaking capacitators etc...

A new Power Supply is fairly cheap (A lot cheaper than a new CPU) so replace that first.


Okay sorry for asking but where are the capacitors on the mobo, and what does the PS supply test switch mean?

Also, her old PS supply was 160v should i get the same voltage or more is okay?


KNow where to look to tell what size intake or exhaust fan a computer takes is at?

ANd how does a hd drive cooler go on?

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