I have a Sony vaio laptop that half of the screen is white/black/light blue with vertical lines. I booted it up and was writing a paper and it was fine. I left for about 20 minutes and when I returned the screen was all messed up. I called tech support(it has the Circuit City protection plan) and was told to take the battery out, unplug it, hold the start button for 30 seconds, restart it, then press the F2 key a bunch of times. Anyway the problem is not fixed and they are sending a box for it. I have calls in for a couple of computer repair places, but was just wondering what the chances are that I will be able to recover pictures and such off the computer. It boots up fine and the mouse works..half the screen is just blank:( As you can tell I don't know much about computers...lol. Thanks in advance.

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I forgot to say that it was not dropped and did not get wet that I know of(I do have a 4 yr old so you never know). Oh and the lines are still visable on the screen when the computer is turned off.Thanks!

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